Uphoff GmbH – Precise Analytics, Testing and Individual Consultation 

MWK Bionik® GmbH covers the field of analytics via their in-house subsidiary Uphoff GmbH. The company is a notified testing laboratory with more than 20 years of experience.

Uphoff GmbH works independent, impartial and fully committed to its function as testing laboratory. With a team of highly skilled employees and modern measuring instruments, all samples are being analysed according to highest quality standards.

In order to reduce the customer's efforts, Uphoff GmbH offers an extended scope of parameters for different analyses, which, of course, are in line with official rules and regulations. Furthermore, it is always possible to analyse also single characteristic values or to set customized scopes of Parameters.

Water Analysis

Water is essential and requires special protection. According to law, operators of waterworks are responsible for providing perfect water quality. This requires regular analyses, which is part of Uphoff GmbH's services. In their laboratory, they test the water for its quality, content of nitrogen, minerals and electrolytes, content of heavy and light metal as well as for its microbiological composition, through which E.coli, enterococci, streptococci and legionella bacteria can be determined.

Environmental Analysis

One focus of Uphoff GmbH is environmental analytics. In this field, samples of waste water, manure and sludge can be analysed. All analyses are carried out according to the currently relevant regulations, e.g. for biowaste, fertilizers, sludge, compost and waste water. In addition, the methods of the German Agricultural Investigation and Research Institutions (VDLUFA) apply.



Biogas Analytics

Analysing biogas is one further focus of Uphoff GmbH. To achieve an efficient methane gas formation, it is important that sufficient nutrients and trace elements - at a certain ratio to each other - are available for the fermentation substrate.

Uphoff GmbH also gives advice on how to take biogas slurry samples correctly, discusses the results with the customers and offers supporting products to improve functionality and productivity of the microorganisms, if necessary. If desired, bottles for taking samples can be sent and taken back via courier Service.

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