Powerful Products for a Rapid Degradation of Organics

The product range of MWK Bionik® GmbH includes specific mixtures of trace elements and microorganisms for environmental and biogas technologies, among them the bioEngine-products of the subsidiary Uphoff GmbH. The bioEngine-products can be used to process highly polluted waste water and fermentation residues. Furthermore, they support the production of bio-fuel as a symbiotic biocatalyst and considerably improve the degradation and conversion of organics. Besides being applied in biogas treatment plants, these products provide, especially in combination with the MWK Bionik® GmbH technology, maximum benefit for our customers. Thus, the products are used as power-booster in the ABE-System in order to increase the material and energy recycling of organic mass in biogas plants or serve as basis for the biothermal splitting of materials containing lignin in the BMT-System.

bioEngine-products support different biochemical fermentation processes like hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis. With targeted symbiotic effects, they furthermore accelerate the adaptation of existing and added microorganisms.

Moreover, bioEngine regulates the availability of macro and micro nutrients. Disbalances inhibiting the nutrient balance are being regulated and levelled. Surface-active, nanoporous materials support the underlying metabolic processes. The bioEngine-range comprises the following products:

bioEngine Nutrimix-L – Standardized and Individual Micronutrient Mixtures

Precondition for the optimal process related enzyme formation in anaerobic fermentation for biogas production is the ideal trace element content. Individual formulations quickly adapt to the demand in question and thus ensure the all-time-optimum. bioEngine Nutrimix-L is a liquid formulation, available as standard product or individually mixed, based on a previous analysis.

bioEngine Methastab – Activates Methane Formation

bioEngine Methastab is a mixture of highly adaptive and efficient microorganisms which stabilize the balance of aceto- and methanogenesis fermentation. 

bioEngine Methastab ensures the accelerated start-up of anaerobic systems also under difficult conditions, the quick development of a new biology after severe disruptions as well as a general increase in the efficiency of the methane formation.

bioEngine Hydrobiool – Mobilizing Biogas

bioEngine Hydrobiool® is a functional substance mixture of natural prebiotics which either stimulate or inhibit the growth and activity of bacteria in the fermenter. Thus, the methane yield of the Biogas plant is increased considerably.

With bioEngine Hydrobiool®, the fermentation process becomes more stable towards modifications like Substrate changes and temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, the resistance against Inhibitors is increased. 



For our bioEngine-products, we attach special importance on using natural microorganisms, herbal ingredients and minerals. These microorganisms are classified as not pathogenic towards humans, animals and plants. Furthermore, they are not genetically engineered.

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