Research & Development

Important Investment in the Future

As a subsidiary of MWK Bionik® GmbH, Uphoff GmbH offers a wide range of research and development work - an important investment in the future and thus a decisive instrument for many companies, when it comes to positioning in the market.

Thereby, Uphoff GmbH mainly covers topics like the environmental friendly generation and storage of power, sustainable water management and mobility as well as patent and know-how development. Therefore, use is made of the key technologies: micro- and nanotechnology, interface and micro-energy technology as well as technical microbiology.

This way, Uphoff GmbH develops for its customers and themselves e.g. production-integrated measures to avoid recycling of waste and waste water by using latest process and treatment technologies. Targeted processes are developed and defined with the help of simultaneous employment of nanoscale, micro- and macroscopic standards.

bioEngine-products by MWK Bionik® GmbH have been developed to provide a significant added value for the efficient use of renewable energies in combination with company-own technologies, like the ABE-System.



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